Around the Kulams

Kulam (குளம்) is a word of Tamil language which stands for the pool or the pond. I had noticed the use of this word as a suffix with some places of the south India like Koondakulam, Kunthakulam etc., but had never known its meaning until I landed in the state of Tamil Nadu. Although I had seen many ponds, lakes and wetlands before, the chance to visualise the life around any place with suffix Kulam was received at Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of mainland Indian subcontinent.

Earlier I used to imagine the Kanyakumari as a place where the land ends and the realm of the endless ocean begins. But I had no idea that besides the seashore, Kanyakumari was also the place of mountains of the southern extension of western ghats, which sometimes referred as southern ghats, and of lakes and wetlands. During my visit to Kanyakumari, I spent a considerable time around the wetlands of Kanyakumari, Suchindram Kulam and Theroor (Thesur) Kulam to be particular. In those days it was rainy weather and so the fields and most of the surrounding areas had also taken the shape of wetlands. While walking through the showers, I came across some villages around the wetlands and witnessed different colours of life of the area. Although the people of the town of Kanyakumari can speak and understand Hindi, the same is not the case with many interior villages.

The understanding imparted by the visuals is far much greater and permanent than achieved by just hearing and knowing about something. This photo essay is an attempt to pictorially show what I have witnessed with the reference of the life, beliefs, nature and animate and inanimate objects around the wetlands of the southernmost region of mainland India.


1 KK2R
My first companion who, along with me, had occupied the safe place to shield against the raindrops.


2 KK31R
On the way to Suchindram Kulam and Thesur Kulam.


3 KK3R
Due to the rainy season, even the fields were in the shape of wetlands.


4 KK6R
The kitchen at one of the shops. The holy marks over the utensil are the reflection of Godly respect given to the object which is the source of income.


5 KK7R
Looks as old as Noah’s ark. For a moment, it was the beginning of the new time.


6 KK1R
A snake temple: The mythological relation between the fierce animals and the humans.


7 KK21R
Travelling makes to meet and understand new people. We had a pleasant communication in broken English.


8 KK29R
Storks around Suchindram Kulam.


9 KK30T
The law of impermanence. Everything moves in a cycle of creation and destruction.


10 KK19R
The reminder of abundance. [Also, have a look at Abundance]
11 KK38R
Something which I really need to learn is to grow my own food.


12 KK8R
The beauty of being alone and free.


13 KK4R
All physical elements with the element of faith.


14 KK41R
A Mirror in the field.


15 KK26R
The reflection of human consciousness.


16 KK34R
A street which connects the families of a locality.


17 KK13R
Faith turns an ordinary rock to an extraordinary entity.


18 KK28S
It was a perfect place to rest for a while before moving ahead.


19 KK20S
A Spot-billed duck.


20 KK16S
The green corridor.


The beauty of Indian Railways being enhanced by the landscape.


A shrine somewhere on the corners of the wetland.


23 KK14R
Artistic representation of the biodiversity of the area.


24 KK15R
The desire to live forever.


25 KK32R
A flooded canal.



Even after getting detached from the trees, coconut leaves continue to play a role.


27 KK40R
The door: Where unknown could become known.


28 KK36R
By that time I had understood that these vertical red and white bands represent a place of worship.


29 KK22R
God’s own existence depends on faith.


30 KK23R
A perfect blend of natural and artificial objects in the enhancement of the beauty of the moment.


31 KK17R
Underneath the trees, the life is always contented.


32 KK27R
Trees, fields, water and humans; they all constitute a family.


33 KK24R
Intentions matter and can make an ordinary stone to work as God.


34 KK37R
Conscious observations: Perception is a blessing.


35 KK25S
Reflections of nature.


36 KK33S
Inside is the reflection of outside.


37 KK10T
Without whom the significance of everything comes down is the one who observes.




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  1. Pleasant images… I can relate more during this summer season of North India.. images give the feel of pleasant weather..


    1. It was nice time indeed. It was raining too much and weather was good. Thank you for your comment 🙂


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