Life, Music & Travel

Life, music and travel

I wish to blend them all.

Djembe, Flute or Viol

I want to play all.

Folks, Ballads or Gospel

I dream to sing all.

Yes, that’s me

I want to paint murals on the wall.

Be it a desert, hill or waterfall

I desire to spot them all.

Maasai, Zulu or Aborginal

I wish to meet you all

yes, thats me,

I want to blend them all.

Hey you amazing world,

I want to love you all.

Life is a song, life is a mural

I want to perform all.

Life, music and travel

I wish to blend them all.



15 responses to Life, Music & Travel

  1. ronandsashka says:

    Lovely poem, beautifully positive. And a very nice sequence from your traveling day in the video 😊

  2. Elaine Michaels says:

    You don’t see enough poems out there! Thanks for this blog. It was lovely!

    • Travel Parable says:

      Thank you Elaine. Keep following for more πŸ™‚

    • Travel Parable says:

      Its from Annapurna circuit of Nepal. It was taken while coming back from Tilicho lake

  3. Priya says:

    Life is to feel more. Nice to read this post.. And video is so live 😊😊

  4. TJ says:

    Lovely words, nice poem you got there. Hope to read more of these stuffs.

    • Travel Parable says:

      Thanks for your comment. Keep following for latest updates and new posts ☺️

  5. AMAR SINGH says:

    A very nice poem and inspirational words at a time like this. Keep spreading the positiveness and smiles at a time we all need it.

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