Travel Parable is meant to share all of my experiences, I have gained so far, and which will be gained, during the course of my journey inside the mind and around the world. Travelling for me is a form of meditation, helping to expand my consciousness, to feel myself, and the outer world around me. I always have been interested to understand the origin and evolution of civilizations, the mechanism of working of human Brain, to understand the rules of nature and to explore the hidden. I love diversity. Travel Parable is a funnel to concentrate all my ideas at one place, with a hope to find new.

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    1. Hello ‘USA-through-our-eyes’. It is pleasure to hear you. I am having a look on your travel experiences and can relate with your work. It would be amazing to look USA through your eyes. So far Travel Parable is like ”India-through-my-eyes” but intentions are to roam around the world to collect the original feelings. Thanks for the follow


  1. I’m glad you enjoyed learning how to make a didge. My son has made several of them and likes having them stand around the house as art work since they are all so different. Thanks for following my blog, though I’ve been quite negligent about posting lately – too many interesting things to do. Happy travels!


  2. Hello travel parable.. I love reading your blog. . Your articles take me deep and leave some interesting questions.. Keep writing.. Waiting for new posts.


    1. I am preparing more from my himalayan journeys.. I hope to share them soon.. thank you for your words. Keep following


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