Vipssana (विपश्यना)

Although I had heard the term Vipassana (विपश्यना) a long time before, I came to know about this practice from Ashish, my university batchmate, who had attended a Vipassana course in 2008. From his description I came to know that Vipassana was a meditation technique to look passively, with closed eyes, towards the body while being completely silent for the entire period of meditation. But I was not much enthusiast for this meditation practice until my another close friend had participated in one of the 10 days long Vipassana meditation course of year 2013. It was certain that to be absolutely silent and stay away from every mode of communication for the period of at least 10 days was an essential part of his practice. He mentioned that the gained experiences could not be stated in appropriate words and so he denied to share any detailed methodology, philosophy and experiences. He suggested me that rather than seeking the knowledge from someone who had been through that meditation, I should go for vipassana to gain my own personal experiences. Usually, getting 10 absolutely free days from the outer world and to be completely silent for that period can be considered a nearly impossible task. It took 4 years to identify that moment when I felt that I could spare 10 days for myself. I reserved my slot, by online booking, at Pushkar Vipassana center and on the selected day I reached to the destination to gain the experience.

Board TP 1
Vipassana Center of Pushkar (Rajasthan, India)


Gate TP
The gate which remains locked during the period of meditation


E4-26: My slot


After my 10 days of meditation, I completely endorse the words of my friend that it would not be appropriate to explain the details of Vipassana and the gained experiences. I would recommend the readers to get this experience on their own, at least once in a life time, and then decide if its worth or not. However, to elicit some interest among the readers, I would explain a few things which are based merely on my understanding and were never explained directly during the course of meditation. We all might be familiar that among the conscious and subconscious minds, subconscious mind is far much more powerful and works as an auto-pilot and is responsible for most of our daily actions and reactions, including emotions, physical movements, hidden phobias, excitements and behavioral patterns. All of us might have have experienced the difficulty in changing or molding the strengthened habits. Theoretically I knew that regular conscious actions go deep and then start to appear automatically, subconsciously, without any conscious effort. Subconscious programming is like an installed software. Vipassana is a practical technique to realize this mechanism at the level of aware perception. Vipassana is a tool to uninstall the software by bringing the deeper subconscious at the conscious surface. By being constantly and consciously aware about the subconscious activities, the softwares of the unwanted habits can be uninstalled or modified and installed back with desired changes.

Second thing which I would like to mention is that Vipassana helps to realize the value of silence. True silence is not only the end of communication from the external world but also the end of communication from the internal imaginary world, including with the self. Once I heard that the true wisdom appears only in the silence. Vipassana made me to realize that what I had heard could be true. Unfortunately, I broke my silence on the 7th day of meditation. I understand that perhaps I had missed the experience which I could have gained by the end of 10 days. I have decided to go for this meditation again for a better and increased understanding of inner depths of my mind.

Pagoda TP1
Pagoda of Pushkar Vipassana Center



Vipassana TP1
Aerial view of Pushkar Vipassana center

Travel Parable is meant to share all of my experiences, which I have gained so far (and which will be gained), during the course of my journey inside the mind and around the world. So whatever I have mentioned above is based on my own perception. Everyone can try this meditation by simply booking a slot by online reservation. Interestingly, Vipassana centers are available in more than 100 countries of the 6 continents. This meditation is free of cost and demands nothing except our time and will.

[ For details and online reservation have a look at: Vipassana Meditation Website ]



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    1. hello Anshul. I am not in a regular practice of vipassana. recently finished my second course and that was comparatively better than the first one. I hope you are still practicing it.


  1. Namaste Buddy 🙂
    As I know your are there again right now.
    I wish you at leats one of the most important experiences you will make in your life, and i hope I will be able to join such a chance soon also.


    1. Namaste Thomas. Second vipassana gave me some new experiences. At rishikesh now, the place i met you first time. best wishes for osho meditation.


  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. There is something so unique in India, that I love – balance between material and spiritual. Values are much less material, turned much more to spiritual.
    Wishing you strength to make your goals succesful!


  3. That was a wonderful experience you had, I’m sure – I like that you mentioned the retreat helped you realize the value of silence. My son is doing Vipassna, and I lived in a zen community for five years, back in the 80’s, so that’s my background. It’s good that you have experienced such a full retreat, and I hope you are able to do more. Best of luck in 2018 to you, too!


  4. I want to experience Zen community too..i hope one day I will.. Vipassana is a practical meditation technique which was lost and was rediscovered by Buddha. I did this vipassana in March 2017. and truly saying initially it was tough and boring. Its like you are around the people but still alone. But later I understood that this meditation actually brings a deep psychological change, if done properly, and helps to understand the self. Vipassana asks to look inside, not outside. Recently I did second vipassana, and that was better than the first one. Someday I will share the experience of second vipassana too.. these days I am trying to compile my experiences of Nepal. I hope to listen you more. Best wishes for 2018.


  5. I never had much idea about Vipassana. It seems to be a great meditation and I should consider it. Thanks for this interesting article.


  6. It really helps you to remain calm in the most adverse situations. Thanks for sharing the information regarding this buddy 🙂


  7. I have also heard about this meditation. I was expecting you to reveal more details.. But intelligently escape. It will be great if you provide more details about this meditation. Thank you.


    1. As I have mentioned in the post, I would recommend to gain this experience on your own. I feel there is no point of explanation as that would fail to pass the real significance of vipassana. Kindly try it at least once. ☺️☺️


  8. Thank you for sharing your experience. I also completed 10 day Vipassana course here in Youngstwon, Alberta in Canada in December 2018. What a wonderful experience i must say. you post reminded me of all the challenges i faced.


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