Secluded Faith

The Indian subcontinent is known as a region of polytheistic faith, always ready to accommodate any of the alternative views; one of the reasons that multiple faith systems originated and peacefully coexisted at this place from thousands of years. Indian society has been known for its diversity at multiple levels, including faith. That’s why we see unlimited number deities in this region of the globe. Mythologically Mount Abu has always been seen as a holy place which, according to locals, is considered to be the residence of 330 million Gods and Goddesses. And this claim appears somewhat true after seeing so many famous shrines like Arbuda Devi temple, Shiva and Jain temples at Achalgarh, Dattatreya temple at Gurushikhar, Delwara jain temples, Vastan ji temple and Vishwamitra temple this very small and perhaps only hill station of Rajasthan. Besides all these frequently visited places, off road walks in any direction could guide us to many less visited mystical places. Interestingly I saw many such isolated and solitary small temples, dedicated to various and some never heard deities, at many places which are visited by only local villagers on some selective occasions. Although these holy places are not big and famous, faith touches an entirely different dimension there. I feel that the real diversity in faith could be observed at such isolated places which are the abode of many deities, including the unknown and local ones.  In this photo essay, Secluded Faith, I describe my off road journey experiences to such local temples at unconventional locations of mount Abu.

  1. Uttraj and Shergaon are two small villages on the other side of mountain, isolated from the rest of the settlements due to lack of motorable road. Road ends at the highest point of the mount, Gurushikhar. This temple was encountered while trekking on the way from Gurushikhar to Utraj.


     2. Somewhere on the way from Uttraj to Shergaon



3. This temple is a true symbolization of divinity of nature. 



4. Those evening colors were enough to transcend into a heavenly experience.



5. Standing in abundance. Somewhere on the way from Uttraj to Shergaon . A bhairo baba temple in the background.



6. A blessed place somewhere in the forest.



7. Standing alone but bright colours represent a giant faith.



8. The flag represents authority and victory. The goddess sitting on lion symbolizes the same.



9. Multiple deities under the same flag. Truly represents the coexistence of alternative ideas



10. Metamorphosis of rock into a holy abode



11. Energy flows where attention goes -Intention matters and can make an ordinary stone to work as God



12. I wonder about the God-human relationship. God has no existence in absence of human consciousness. God’s own existence depends on faith.



13. Such symbols indicate the way we are heading leads to some shrine



14. Even animals are considered sacred and divine.



15. Although there are no lions in the wildlife sanctuary, but still a few were spotted



16. Trishul /trident / three spears gives a perfect expansion of GOD as G-generator, O-Operator and D-Destroyer Though Trishul of lord Shiva has many mythological dimensions



17. Faith turns an ordinary rock to extraordinary entity


18. Unknown and wild roads have a special place for God as it was necessary for people to feel safe when very few travelled the path



19. Faith touches an unexplored dimension



  1. Ways to praise the God



  1. Deity was on a short walk



22.Divine feet




Enjoy the song

Kandisa by Indian Ocean


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    1. I am happy that you like this post..You should definitely visit mount Abu and see the beautiful places around 😊🙂


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